Mermaid Under the Sea Garden


Create your own Mermaid cove with our Mermaid under the sea garden.

Prices quoted are a based on pick up from Harrisdale.

Delivery and set up available upon quotation.

Team with our Mermaid table setting or cake table.

Or mix with our Pirate setting for a mixed gender party.

We also have many other Mermaid props and setting packages available.   

Ask about our additional props. 

(Conditions apply - only in addition to booked package)

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$190 package

1 grass mat

1 mermaid throne

Mermaid treasure chest with treasure

2 foliage pots

2 sea mushrooms

2 large clam shells

1 large shell

1 neptune pot

10 jellyfish

10 mermaid cushions

2 palm trunks

2 10kg stands

10 palm leaves

2 stand fabric covers

4 bunches of foliage

8 gold small clam shells



Need more seating or extra props?